The Obstacle Course Races (OCR) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Why?

Because it constantly challenges us physically and mentally. It forces us to leave our comfort zone.

It is a sport that combines multiple skills such as endurance, strength, balance, among others and it is key to include them all in an orderly and structured manner within our training programs. That's why at Graviti Fitness we are ready and willing to help you face that challenge

Here, in Graviti Fitness, you can improve your cardiovascular and muscular resistance, improve your grip strength, improve your balance and accuracy of your body that will help you feel better every day.

The great thing about this sport is that everyone can do it, you do not have to be an elite athlete. You just need the desire to improve. Because training your body and mind to improve should not only be seen as an aesthetic topic, our training will teach you to face any ret in your life.

Come to Graviti Fitness !! And get ready for the biggest race: Life


Train with us !

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Michael Ramirez