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  • Increase strength

  • Lose BODY-FAT

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  • Early boot camp classes

  • High-Intensity workouts

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  • Strengthen your lower back


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Hear what Roger , a Corona Del Mar resident has to say about Graviti Fitness :

Graviti is convenient and has everything I need in a gym plus More


Question: How much is a membership ?

A Memberip is $149.00 / first and last up front & $49.00 processing fee = $347.000 and you’re in. No long term contracts, no hidden fees, we ask that you give us 30 days cancellation notice.




“I Love graviti fitness for its uniqueness and kool workouts !


Gravit fitness is EASY to use and has Open Gym. My schedule is ver hectic & Graviti makes my day much easier, Big Thumbs up !!


“I’ve been a client for over a year & have really seen continous RESULTS !! Thank you Graviti fitness !!

-Mike Grams